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About Us

About Us

(Letter from the Home Of Pashmina President - Anu C)

It’s in our home for last 50 years, now we bring it to your homes.

                                                                                          Pamper Yourself in Every Season

In year 2009, I formed a company - EcoWindward with a Mission to bring the best-kept and eco-friendly traditions of one world to other parts of the world with my design imprint and thereby making sure that the tradition continues and heritage is maintained. is just one of the way to fulfill this mission. At Home Of Pashmina me and my team design Pashminas and Scarves and want you to see, feel and buy all varieties of Pashminas that are popular in Asia at a decent price. Trust me, if you want true Pashmina, one that you will admire and feel proud wearing, you have to pay a price that honors the hard work put into making each Pashmina by hand. We want you to feel the richness and unique quality of real designed Pashmina and will go out of our way to make sure you are satisfied.

As you may know, Cashmere is of many types - once a goat is combed, cashmere is separated from the coarser hair which is of no use. Even the combed cashmere is further separated depending on the thickness of the hair. The ultra fine long hair is Graded as Grade-A, next is Grade-B and so on. Most of of our shawls are a blend of various grades of Cashmere since it is also important to keep the cost of the items at a reasonable level for our customers. If I said all my Pashminas are absolute Grade-A cashmere, either they would priced all above $200 and up or I would not be telling the truth. Generally all Pashminas in this price range are made with a combination of Grade-A through Grade-C hair. Rest assured that even the Grade-C cashmere is many times softer than lambs wool. At Home Of Pashmina we not only check the grades of Cashmere used, we also check the ply and weaving closeness. We make sure the weaving quality and cashmere grade matches the price. Since we work directly with the weaving companies, I am able to offer such elegant Pashminas at prices. However I wonder how can some stores sell a Pashmina for $20 and less and call it real Pashmina. Nevertheless, we stand by our product;s quality and our customer service. We are sure you will find your own Pashmina among our broad portfolio of weaves, patterns and prints, and the portfolio keeps growing, thanks to your love of Pashminas.  For your convenience we always offer free standard shipping, whatever the order, large or small. 

We don’t want you to just own a Pashmina, we want you to love it and get pampered by its warmth in style. I am also launching a "Feel Before You Buy" program. A true Pashmina can be admired only after touch, so at Home Of Pashmina, we are working on this program that will let you get a swatch and feel our Pashmina before you buy one. We want to build trust with our customers and fans and we hope this program is a right step in that direction. 

The people at EcoWindward (owners of Home Of Pashmina brand) have made it their passion to look for the best-kept traditions of the world and help them maintain it via business link that is efficient, fair and eco-friendly. We take great care that no-one is harmed and best fair trade practices are followed. Its our promise to you, we will never sell fake products and we will not put any life form at risk in the process.

Home of Pashmina’s 100% Pamper Guarantee:

We design, check and certify each Pashmina before it is given the HOP Branding. We will not rest till you are satisfied. If you do not like your Pashmina for any reason, call us, tell us, we will make necessary improvements in the products and also find a way out to get you Pampered by our Pashminas.

Toll Free: 1-800-757-2297

If you are satisfied by our product and/or service, please put in your thoughts in Testimonials sections. Help us spread the word that Real Pashminas are the best way to pamper yourself and best gift for your near and dear ones.