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Brand Value

At HOP we always think about sustainability. We believe the business has not only to sustain itself it also has to sustain the environment and surroundings it in operating in. When we thought of the logo the word HOP meant two things for us - Home Of Pashmina and Help Our Planet. This defining guideline helps us in our everyday approach to business and we discuss this with all our vendors as well. We do not boast of major carbon footprint reductions, but we do our bit in every way we can to make our environment sustainable.

A Brand stands for quality of products and/or integrity of service. Home Of Pashmina stands behind its HOP branded Pashminas and guarantees the purity of the content mentioned on the label as well as the quality of cashmere used to make each Pashmina. Each Pashmina that is HOP branded, undergoes through strict quality checks and defect checks in our USA based quality control facility before it is branded with HOP Logo here.

We also send our quality guidelines to all our vendors so they adhere to the standards on which HOP Brand Pashmina prides itself. Some of our Pashminas are very delicate (e.g. Basket Weave Pashminas) and do not lend themselves well to logo branding work. Yet if they are shipped with HOP Logo tag, they are similarly guaranteed for quality.

If you are buying a HOP branded Pashmina be rest assured that we have checked it for the quality of content and any manufacturing  defects.

Each Pashmina is hand-made on a loom and thus it sometimes may have a loose thread or a weaving artifact which is the evidence of its hand-made quality. However, a defect is a defect and it easily stands out.  It cannot be confused with hand made quality. Nevertheless, we have checked each HOP branded Pashmina for any major defects before they reach our customers. If at any time our customers bring to our attention a defect that they do not consider an artifact of hand made quality, we gladly accept the item back no matter our return policy.

 Buy a HOP branded Pashmina today and feel the difference in quality.