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Bridal Pashmina Collection

Pashmina is a pride of bride’s trousseau in the past is often referred to as the 'diamond' of all fibers. It adds a lot of charm on the weddings and makes an excellent gift for bridesmaids and distinguished guests. Home of Pashmina has hand selected certain varieties of Pashmina (some of each type) and created a nice Bridal Pashmina Portfolio for you to view and select for your occasion. We do not want to restrict you in any way from selecting any Pashmina you like for your occasion. Our Bridal Portfolio is just an effort to show you what Pashminas we have especially stocked for these special occasions. 
Marriage is a memorable event, why not create memories with a fine Cashmere Pashmina for the bridesmaids and family members. A Cashmere Pashmina will go a long way in communicating your love and affection for the family. It will pamper them in style, after all that's what you want for your loved ones always. 
We welcome your comments and suggestions to improve this portfolio so it attracts attention of more wedding ensemble experts like you. Please send us e-mail at with your suggestions. We will be glad to hear from you.