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Feel Before You Buy


Home Of Pashmina offers its readers a Unique program to feel our Pashmina before you buy one. In order to build the trust with our customers and help regain the glory of Pashmina that has been taken away by the fake brands in the market, we allow our customers to get a swatch, feel the fine cashmere and silk and make sure they are ordering the genuine cashmere and silk Pashminas. 

To make this program work for us and our customers we allow our customers to order a swatch set with 5 Pashmina Swatches  

  • Pure Cashmere Swatch (Diamond Weave and Paisley Jacquard)
  • 80/20 Ring Style Pashmina Swatch
  • 70/30 Cashmere Silk Swatch
  • 50/50 Cashmere Silk Reversible Pashmina Swatch.

 All five swatches will be included in the set. The color of the swatches will be randomly selected from our stock. 

Zero Cost (You pay $15 and get $15 Gift Certificate for your next order): 

Customer pays $15 (USD) for a swatch set. Home Of Pashmina will send a $15 Gift Certificate with the swatch set which can than be redeemed when ordering a Pashmina. Final cost of the Swatch Set is FREE. We just need to make the program viable for us and the customers. 

Please order a swatch set below and get one shipped out to you within 24 hours (Shipping is Free as always)