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All Monogramming Services Have Been Suspended Due to Technical Issues !! 
We are sorry for Inconvenience. 

At Home Of Pashmina we always try to find new ways in which you can enjoy your Pashmina. With this goal in mind, Home Of Pashmina has launched a Monogramming Service on most of our Pashminas. Customers have a choice of personalizing their Pashmina Scarves with an embroidered monogram of up to 3 letters of their choice. A Personalized Monogrammed Pashmina is an excellent gift for your loved ones and tells them how much you care about them.

How To Select Monogramming ?
Each Pashmina that can be monogrammed is marked with the Monogramming Icon (shown below) on the product detail page. Once you have added the pashminas of your choice in the cart, go to Checkout page and look for the Monogramming Options table. In this table you will see all your Pashminas. Click the "Select" button for the Pashmina you want monogrammed, select the letters (up to 3 letters), choose the color and font of the monogram embroidery and submit. 

What is the Cost Of Monogramming ?
We have tried to keep the monogramming cost as low as possible so you can enjoy personalization of your Pashmina. It will cost you $10 (Ten Dollars) extra for each monogrammed pashmina. This amount will be added to your overall total. Remember, we always offer free shipping on our Pashminas so you save shipping costs everytime. 

What Colors are Available for Monogramming ? 
All available monogramming colors are shown below. You will also see these colors when you are entering the monogramming details. Choose the color that will look best with your chosen Pashmina's color. 

What Fonts are available for Monogramming ?
All available fonts are shown below. You will see these fonts when you are entering the monogramming details. Choose the font that will look best for your Pashmina. 

What is the size of monogramming letters?
We have kept the lettering size so it is very prominent yet not overwhelming on the Pashmina. The size of monogram will be approx. 1.5 inch tall and maximum 3.5 inches wide depending on number of letters chosen. 

Note : Monogrammed Pashminas are personalized and cannot be returned or exchanged.