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Our Philosophy

At Home Of Pashmina our Philosophy revolves around the keyword of "Sustainability".

We believe that every business should do its bit to create a sustainable environment. HOP equates to Help Our Planet in addition to our company name and since Pashmina is the gift of nature to us, we sincerely believe in returning the favor. 

Every step we add in our operations is significantly analyzed to see if we can somehow make it as environmentally friendly as possible. Below are some initiatives that we have taken and continue to adhere to in order to stay as environmentally friendly as we can.

1) Pashmina - Our Pashmina fiber is procured from the areas where people keep the Pashmina goats as domesticated animals. No animal is harmed in procuring the Pashmina cashmere fiber. Kashmir is the birthplace of Cashmere. Cashmere Pashmina hair is combed out from the goats once a year. People in Kashmir have been weaving Pashminas for many centuries now. They love their animals and feel pride in their Pashmina heritage. This is what makes a Kashmir Pashmina special.

2) No Paper receipts - We have discontinued the use of Paper receipts. Instead the receipt is mailed to the customer. This reduces the amount of paper we have to use and at the same time adds convenience for the customers as they have less paper receipts to take care of.

3) Recycled Packaging - All our shipping bags are made with re-cycled plastic and are biodegradable. We use bardboard gift boxes without added color to gift pack our Pashminas. All gift boxes are made with recycled material and quickly disintegrate when discarded.

4) Cotton Tagging - The Pashminas at Home Of Pashmina are tagged with cotton thread and recycled paper tags. We do not use the plastic tags that when discarded stay in landfill for many years before degrading.

5) Minimize use of Polyethylene bags - In case of shipping a pashmina, use of Polythene bags is necessary to prevent any liquid damage in the shipping process. However for in person Pashmina purchases we discourage the use of polythene bags and instead wrap Pashminas in rice paper and recycle bags.

We are constantly exploring more ways in which we can be environmentally friendly. Your suggestions are welcome and will be appreciated.

- Home Of Pashmina