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Pashmina - Stars and Styles

Pashmina is Stars Favorite, See Their Best Shots at Wearing Styles .. Sport a Pashmina Like a Star and Pamper Yourself In Style... 

(We keep adding more styles regularly, visit often to see more)

Charlize Theron is making a fashion statement of power with her all black outfit. She has chosen a black pashmina to enhance the look of her black leather jacket. Home Of Pashmina's   Silk Cashmere Black Pashmina  will let you make a power statement just like Charlize in this picture.

Reese Witherspoon may have turned many heads with her fantastic styling. Who would think that she is a fan of long Jersey scarves. She is seen here wearing a blue Pashmina with fringe tassels. Home Of Pashmina's   Pure Cashmere Royal Blue Jacquard Pashmina  was made exactly for this fantastic Reese look.

Lauren Conrad looks cute in this white Silk Cashmere Pashmina neatly folded and wrapped around her neck. The thick weave of Silk and Cashmere allows the tassels to fall perfectly giving a neat look. Home Of Pashmina's  Cotton White Silk Cashmere Pashmina will look exactly like this when folded 3 way when casually wrapped around your neck.

Sarah Jessica is sporting a wild feline print in brown and black to accessorize her black suit and convey a wild look to the fans. Also note her wearing style of bundling up on the neck. Only a Pashmina which is light weight scarf yet quite sizeable can be used for such a look. Home Of Pashmina's Print in Silk Cashmere will give very similar look if you can figure out the wearing style as well.

Eva Mendez likes to wear long scarves that go with her tall persona. The aqua colored pashmina paired with a white jacket and a red handbag creates a spring combination and reminds us of the beach nearby. Be sure to create  same look with our Aqua Breeze Pashmina and pair it with your white jacket and get ready to turn few heads.

Blake Lively is sporting a Burberry Wool scarf in this picture. The scarf looks exquisite on her with the dark leather jacket. I am sure a expensive Burberry Cashmere scarf is unique in itself, however Home Of Pashmina carries very similar tartan - Thompson Camel tartan from Scotland.Try our Scottish Scarf Thompson Camel Tartan for a very similar look, good quality but not as pricey. Be sure, we do not copy any brand, Thompson Camel tartan Scarf that we carry is a authentic scottish scarf from Ingles Buchan of Scotland.

Sarah Jessica Parker is a Scarf Lover. Here she is wearing a ring Pashmina in bring spring Fuschia Color bulked around her neck in her own style. Fuschia color is a riot in pink and accentuates her all black dress and heels. We admire her color sense. Get a similar look with our own  - Ring Style Fuschia Pashimina..

Kate Middleton looks stunning in this Black Over Black style. The side knot gives a new look to the regular knot that we all are so used to. Create a loose side knot in a Black Over Black style and complement it with a blue skirt to get this very new Kaitey look. Our Best Black Pashmina for this look - 70/30 Solid Black with 3 inch tassels.

Julie Benz (Buffy The Vampire Slayer fame) wears a soft blue Pashmina in a casual wrap around to compliment her halter top. The soft cashmere wrap gives width to her upper body styling and adds color to the grey black outfit. Our top end Blue Paisley Jacquard Pashmina will create similar look - 100% Pure Cashmere in Paisley Jacquard weave.

Olive Green is always in fashion. Angelina Jolie wears olive green cashmere wrap in a complete wraparound style. Its simplistic yet stylish and goes with her personality. For this look, the wrap has to be wide and long enough without the tassels. Our 100% Cashmere Diamond weave in Olive Green will give exactly this look. 

Looks like a simple knot, however with stars when is anything simple, good? Nicole Richie wears the Ivory Pashmina with Tassels in a knot that separates tassels. Using unequal lengths in a fold, Nicole creates the magic with Ivory Pashmina's Tassels. Our Cotton White 70/30 Cashmere Silk Pashmina is designed for such a look. 

Elegance to Perfection is Meryl Streep's Bastion. Sporting a Camel Color inlaid design wrap on her ankles with a matching dress, Meryl seems to be honoring the Pashmina Heritage.. or may be Pashmina will be Honored if graced by Meryl. Our Paisley Jacquard Weave in Camel is perfect in this styling. 

In a yet another style, Vanessa Hudgens has matched her Pashmina with the color of bag she is carrying. It creates a connection between her self and her bag, making it  a perfect ensemble. Our Copper Color - Ring Pashmina can be matched with your similar bag for a starry look. 

Jessica Alba likes to create a double knot to make a bulk of cashmere around her neck. Silver Grey goes very well with her black dress and beret. Our 100% Cashmere Diamond Pashmina in Silver Grey color is very close to what she is wearing. 

Red has always been the Color of Charm and Seduction. Cameron Diaz looks gorgeous pairing red Pashmina with the red flowers in her dress. Cameron can never get it wrong, so should you. Our 100% Cashmere Paisley Jacquard in Red will bring out the beauty of red designs on your dress. 

Pink is the color of Spring. Jennifer Aniston goes on a stroll leaving her jacket behind, just with her Pink Pashmina around her shoulders. Keeps her warm and adds Spring to her walk. Our fashionable Pink in 100% Pure Cashmere Pashmina may be what Jennifer will try next time.  

More Celebrity Styles Coming Soon...Visit This Page Frequently.

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