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Silk Cashmere

Home Of Pashmina offers silk blends in 3 varieties, Ring Pashmina in 80% Cashmere, 20% Silk Variety, Silk Cashmere Classic Pashmina in 70% Cashmere and 30% Silk Variety and Ombre Reversible Pashmina in 50%  Cashmere, 50% Silk Variety. Select the Silk Blended Pashmina of your choice.

Select Your Silk Blended Pashmina Wrap Category Below to see the Colors Available in each variety.

Ring Pashmina

The Ring Pashmina 1 Ply 80% Cashmere 20% Silk combination in Diamond Weave keeps the softness and nice cozy warmth of Cashmere as it is in Pure Cashmere wrap, while the yarn is blended with silk dust which adds a nice sheen to the wrap. This wrap is sheer and light weight. It will give you warmth and style without the weight. Can be used as a scarf to accentuate your style or as a wrap to provide warmth.

Size : 28 x 80 Inch,

Original Price: 189.99 Price 79:99 

Silk Cashmere Classic Pashmina 

The 3 Ply 70% Cashmere and 30% Silk Cashmere combination creates a nice popular Pashmina that can be added to your daily styling and still keep the warmth of Cashmere intact. It gives a nice soft feel and a weight due to the 3 ply and the regular weave. Order this Silk Cashmere Pashmina wrap today if you enjoy silky luxury and nice thick cashmere comfort.
Size : 28 x 80 Inch,
Original Price: 199.99 Sale Price : 79.99

Ombre Reversible Pashmina

The Ombre Reversible Pashmina creates that nice dual sided fashionable scarf look that makes you stand apart from the crowd. This combination has  2 Ply 50% Cashmere and 50% Silk in a diamond weave to keep you warm when needed and give you style with two-sided look whenever you desire. Its light yet warm and gives a nice sheen of silk on one side and a matte look dyed cashmere thread on the other side.

Size : 28 x 80 Inch,
Original Price : 159.99 Price : $69.99