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Pashmina Storage Bags

(Pashmina shown in the photo is not included with the bag)

Pure Pashmina is very soft, a piece of Luxury. At Home Of Pashmina we not only want you to enjoy your Pashmina but also help you take care of it. As recommended on every Pashmina, dry cleaning is the only way to clean it however we would like you to be able to store your Pashminas carefully protected from dust and insects so frequent dry cleaning can be avoided. 

Home Of Pashmina now provides you an option to order accessories of Pashminas that can help you take care of your Pashmina with a minimal upfront cost. Currently we offer zippered bags made of translucent cotton which allows Pashmina to breath and stay fresh yet protected from elements and insects. As an additional protection we also equip these bags with a piece of Cedar which is a natural repellent for moths and other flying insects and also lends a fresh cedar fragrance to your Pashmina. 

We suggest that you get a Pashmina storage bag for your Pashminas today. It comes with a block of Cedar wood and a pocket in the bag where the cedar block is stored.